Need some work done? Let us handle that for you.

We can do it all here in house. New grip? No problem. Change the swing weight? We got you covered. Just leave it up to us and we’ll have you back out on the range in no time.

Standard Shaft Install $15.00
Bore Through Shaft Install $20.00
Remove Shaft $6.00
Remove Shaft Tap $20.00
Lengthen Shaft $6.00
Shorten Shaft $2.00
Grip Install (Bring your own grip) $3.00
Save Grip $5.00
Replace Ferrule $6.00
Remove Rattle $10.00
Tighten Head $5.00
Loft & Lie Adjustment $5.00
Replace Spikes (Pair) $5.00
Putter Lie Adjustment $5.00
Change Swingweight $10.00
Reshaft (set of 8) $79.99
Save Shaft $8.00
Iron Set Fitting $40.00
Putter Fitting $15.00
Full Set Fitting (Up to 14 clubs) $65.00